Once Upon A Time…

there was a woman who did daycare and followed all the licensing rules including disinfecting toys in bleach water.  One day, almost 3 years ago now, this woman learned just how horrible all the chemicals and toxins in her household cleaners were for her, the children in her care, and her pets.  From that day forward, she chose to only clean with

thievesproducts        thievescleaning

Earlier today, a friend of mine mentioned in one of her posts how often she’s been getting sick since bringing her baby boy home and with school also starting in a month, I thought it might be time to talk about Thieves oil and all the wonderful products Young Living makes with Thieves.  If you walked into my house, you would find Thieves products all over the place.  Thieves is all about supporting and maintaining a healthy immune system and it is the bees knees!!!

J and I put a drop of Thieves in our Ningxia Red juice (if you remember from my lost post, this juice is high in anti-oxidants and super healthy for you)  every day.  Even in the midst of cold and flu season with J teaching and me doing daycare, we rarely get sick and when we do, we just up our Ningxia and Thieves intake and get over illnesses much quicker than most because our immune system is getting supported.

Thieves cleaner is FANTASTIC!!!  You can use this cleaner for everything and we do!  It has replaced bleach to sanitize toys and there are no harmful toxins or chemicals in it so I don’t have to worry about the kids or pets than putting their mouth on toys, etc.  One capful makes up a water bottle of spray cleaner and we use it on our counters, in our bathrooms, to clean windows, everything!  I’m also using it as laundry detergent right now because I haven’t gotten around to making a new batch of my own, but when I do make my own, I add a 1/2 cup of Thieves cleaner to it and a bottle of lemon oil for whitening.  You can also use it in your dishwasher.

Other Thieves products available:

Hand sanitizer – used constantly in this house and has no alcohol in it so it doesn’t dry your hands out.

Toothpaste – 3 different kinds, just know that they won’t foam up when you brush because it’s the chemicals that cause the foaming and there’s no chemicals in it, also no fluoride which is actually HORRIBLE for you!

Mouthwash – again no alcohol and no fluoride

Foaming hand soap – I will say that I don’t love how it feels (I think I’m a little weird on this one), but I love the bottle and that the pump doesn’t get stuck so after I use up the Thieves hand soap, I make my own by filling it up about 1/3 of the way with Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap, a little almond, vitamin E or jojoba oil (whatever I have on hand), 10 drops or so of Thieves oil and the rest water.  It doesn’t dry my hands out and I wash them a lot!!!

Thieves Spray – great for sanitizing cart handles and such at the stores, can also be used as a throat spray

Throat lozenges – I don’t love the taste, they seem really strong to me but others like them just fine

wipes – not worth the cost in my opinion, you can make your own.

Dish Soap- haven’t gotten around to trying it yet but I think I’m going to add it to my ER order this month because I’m just about out.

Laundry soap- again I just make my own because it’s cheaper and I add Thieves cleaner to it.

Fruit and Veggie Spray- also adding this to my ER order this month.

Dishwashing powder – it works great for a lot of people but didn’t work great in mine but then again, we’ve found very few that don’t leave a film in our dishwasher.  I think it’s more the dishwasher than it is the product because other’s have to problems.  A lot of people like to add lemon oil to that also.

Want to try out Thieves oil or other Thieves cleaner, you can purchase them here.

I am going to leave you with some interesting history on how the oil came to be named Thieves.


Sending you all wellness, purpose and abundance


How Do I Get This Awesome Membership?

Hi All!

Last time, I shared with you why I love this company and the many benefits you get as a wholesale member.  Now I want to share with you the 3 best kits to purchase when you become a member.  Most people (okay, everyone I’ve personally shared with) has started with our Premium Starter Kit or PSK (we like our acronyms in this business too!).

Below is the breakdown of what the PSK would cost you if you bought everything separate and what it costs when you purchase it to get your wholesale membership.  This kit includes 11 oils and a diffuser.

There are 3 ways of taking advantage of Young Living oils:  Topically (applying to skin) aromatically (using the diffuser or putting a drop in your hands and inhaling), and orally (putting oil in water/juice and or a capsule).  Most people love using their diffuser because than everyone in the room will get the health benefits of whatever oil/s you are diffusing.  🙂

The 11 oils in the kit are:

  • RC (promotes optimal respiratory conditions)
  • Copaiba (is an oil extender.  Pair it with any oil to make its benefits doubly strong)
  • Digize (promotes optimal health of the digestive system)
  • Lemon (great for so many things including focus, whitening and getting stick residues off)
  • Frankincense (given to the Christ child when he was born and a jack of all trades oil when it comes to health and wellness)
  • Pan away (promotes healthy muscles, joints)
  • Peppermint ( promotes a healthy digestive system, among many other uses)
  • Thieves ( promotes and optimizes a healthy immune system)
  • Purification ( great for getting rid of odors)
  • lavender (another jack of all trades oil, great for relaxation)
  • Stress away (probably doesn’t need an explanation) 🙂

This is by far the most popular kit to get your wholesale membership!


Some people though, may not want to start with oils.  They might rather start with getting chemicals out of their cleaning/personal care products.  If this is you, you might want to sign up with our Thieves kit.  Did you know that Thieves kills 99.96% of the bad bacteria and leaves the good bacteria that our bodies NEED alone?  How awesome is that?!


This kit includes:

  • 2 Thieves foaming hand soap
  • 2 Thieves Spray (perfect for on the go spraying of shopping cart handles)
  • 1 Thieves mouth wash
  • 1 Thieves Aromabright toothpaste (did you know that it’s the chemicals in our toothpaste and shampoo that makes them foam?!)
  • 2 Thieves hand sanitizers (no alcohol)
  • 2 Thieves cleaners ( you only need 1 capful to make a spray bottle full of cleaner and it cleans EVERYTHING)  I use only this, vinegar and baking soda for all my cleaning needs!  A little goes a long way!
  • 15 ml of Thieves oil (that’s 250-300 drops and you only need to use a drop or 2 at a time)
  • 5ml of Stress Away (80-100 drops)
  • Plus samples of other oils

The Thieves Starter kit is also $160 plus tax and shipping.

Our last kit is our Ningxia red premium Starter kit:


This kit includes:

  • (2) 750 ml bottles of Ningxia red
  • (30)  2 oz. Ningxia red singles (perfect for when you’re on the go
  • (14) 20 ml tubes of Ningxia NITRO (perfect HEALTHY replacement for your 5 hr energy type things)
  • 5 ml bottle of Stress Away oil
  • Product guide and sample oils

A couple of other great things about Ningxia Red:



This Kit is also $160.00 plus tax and shipping!

So there you go…the 3 best kits to buy that include your wholesale membership.  Have more questions…please feel free to contact me!  Ready to begin the journey to making your home a more chemical free zone, click here!

As always, sending out wellness, purpose and abundance to you all!





YL Membership Benefits

I want to start this new blog by outlining the benefits of having a Young Living wholesale membership.  Some of these are company wide benefits and some are directly related to the amazing team I’m on.

  • 24% discount on Young Living products
  • several different kits you can buy to get your YL membership (I will outline the best 3 in my next post)
  • Essential Rewards (earning points back on products you buy, I’ll explain more later)
  • Monthly promos that are even better if you’re on ER (Essential Rewards)
  • You only need to spend $50/year to keep your membership active
  • You can choose to solely use this membership for yourself OR you can choose to share your experiences with the products and be a business builder (I’ve done a lot of network marketing and YL has one of the best compensation plans I’ve ever seen, but again, you get to choose whether or not your want to take your membership in that direction)
  • An upline that loves to educate, support and share through Facebook groups, classes and online support.  We even do Facebook live now where you can enjoy and participate in classes as they are happening if you don’t live nearby.

Check out youngliving.com and click on member benefits to see a couple more!

Young Living has something for EVERYONE!  There’s the potential to help others, to have fun, to be a leader and to make money.  No matter what your motivation or “why” is, Young Living can provide it.  🙂

P.S.  The BEST reasons to choose Young Living over any other health/wellness company are below.


And…Young Living’s Mission Statement…which I love!


If you’re ready to start your journey after this one post, you can click here to join, but I would at least wait for the next post to find out about the 3 best kits to join with!

Sending out wellness, purpose and abundance to you all